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Pioneering the Next Generation of Genetic Nanomedicines

ViaNautis is exploiting its proprietary technology, polyNaut®, a nanovesicle platform using advanced polymer materials and machine learning, to direct nucleic acid therapeutics to the specific site of action with unparalleled precision. We are focused on delivery to the brain, CNS, lung, and other hard to reach areas of the body.

PolyNaut® nanovesicle
PolyNaut® nanovesicle

ViaNautis’ exceptional team of scientists and biotech leaders are building a strong pipeline of innovative products for CNS and lung diseases from state of the art facilities in Cambridge UK.

ViaNautis products are enabled by the polyNaut® platform. This proprietary technology uses advanced polymer materials and in silico screening to precisely direct genetic molecules to their intended sites of action.

Genetic medicines are revolutionising the development of new therapeutics for previously untreatable diseases. Modalities such as mRNA, siRNA and gene editing present opportunities for a new generation of advanced therapeutics but require a means of safe and targeted delivery. ViaNautis is deploying polyNaut’s unique properties to deliver these treatments to patients.

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ViaNautis Bio appoints Dr Steven M. Altschuler as Chairman of its Board of Directors

ViaNautis Bio (“ViaNautis” or the “Company”), a groundbreaking nanomedicine company at the forefront of genetic therapies, today announces the appointment of Dr Steven M. Altschuler…

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