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Abcam and SomaServe announce comprehensive partnership to realise the potential of PolyNaut® ‘bionic’ nanoparticles for delivery to live cells. 

  • Commercialise novel cell delivery platform technology
  • Develop novel delivery methods for research applications
  • Revolutionise utility of live cell imaging to explore disease

Abcam plc, a global innovator in life science reagents and tools, and SomaServe Ltd, a Pharma service and specialist reagent business exploiting PolyNaut® Technology, have announced a partnership to commercialise the cell delivery potential of the polymer-based ‘bionic’ nanoparticles, which can carry a range of payloads directly to live cells.

Dr Fran Crawford, CEO, SomaServe, commented:

Abcam’s reputation as an innovator in the field of biological reagents and dedicated global commercialisation infrastructure, coupled with their transparent and collegiate partnership approach, made them the standout choice as our development and commercialisation partner for the PolyNaut® Technology platform. We are excited to be working together to maximise the potential of our innovative delivery platform for research and diagnostic applications.

Dr Cheri Walker, SVP Corporate Development, Abcam, added:

Investing in innovative ideas and platform technologies, and supporting these through to global commercialization, is a key element of our growth strategy. Our industry expertise and co-location in major technology hubs throughout the world, enables our partners to rapidly get their innovations into the hands of the global research community. Our objective is to partner, fund and commercialize early stage technologies which have the promise to improve and accelerate research. And ultimately to contribute to advancing the understanding of biology and cause of disease, which enables new treatments and improved health outcomes.

The collaboration will initially focus on the development and global commercialisation of a suite of CelLuminate dyes, specifically created to revolutionise live cell imaging by enabling cells to remain functional and viable for up to 14 days. This crucial reduction in toxicity gives users the ability to thoroughly probe and analyse their cells, enabling them to achieve deeper insights and advance their understanding.

Beyond improving and enhancing live cell imaging, the team will work together to expand the delivery and assay options of the platform, including optimising its potential in combination with antibodies and other technologies. In addition to the commercial partnership, Abcam has invested in SomaServe’s seed round to help accelerate the development of an innovative market leading platform for research, diagnostic and therapeutic applications.

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